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Ty Sheffey

Ty Sheffey

Faces of Prostate Cancer - Ty Sheffey

Ty Sheffey likes games of chance. But he never realized he was playing one with his health. As a busy police lieutenant, Ty only saw doctors for the "big" things. After retirement he figured he could spare the time for a physical. When his PSA level came back elevated, he also had to make time for a biopsy. Suddenly Ty was choosing a treatment for prostate cancer. He chose a series of radiation treatments, using precision beams of X-ray energy to kill cancer cells without invasive needles or surgery. Within three months of diagnosis, Ty got the "all clear" from his doctor. Now all his gambling stays at the poker table.

"It was negligent to put my job first, health second," says Ty. "Don't gamble with your health. The stakes are too high."

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