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Kevin Watts

Kevin Watts

Faces of Prostate Cancer - Kevin Watts

Kevin and Janice Watts couldn't believe what they were hearing. Not only did Kevin's first screening for prostate cancer reveal he had the disease, a biopsy showed it had already metastasized to his lymph nodes. Kevin was 50 years old, the recommended age to begin prostate cancer screening. But the bad news didn't end with the diagnosis: One physician told Kevin there were no good treatment options. After spending a weekend mired in shock and grief, Kevin and Janice sought care at Virginia Mason where treatment options were waiting. Kevin immediately underwent targeted radiation treatments and started hormone therapy. Today his PSA level is barely detectable.

"I was blown away by my diagnosis because I didn't have cancer in my family," says Kevin. "We felt so helpless at first, but during treatment we felt like we were the most important part of the team."

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