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Jim Muck

Jim Muck

Faces of Prostate Cancer - Jim Muck

It was a small lump under Jim Muck’s ear that sent him to the doctor after a five-year hiatus. But that wasn’t Jim’s only suspicious finding: The prostate screening exam he asked for indicated follow up tests were needed. Jim learned the cancer was contained in his prostate and his urologist presented several options. In a terrible coincidence the lump under Jim’s ear was also found malignant. Within two months of a surgery to remove both cancers, Jim underwent weeks of radiation therapy – and the emotional roller coaster ride of his life. Talking about his experience has been a key to his recovery.

“At 45 I had trouble accepting I had cancer,” says Jim. “The ups and downs are unreal. My doctor gave me the names of other men willing to talk about their diagnosis. I’d encourage anyone to make those calls.”

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