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Clint Richardson

Clint Richardson

Faces of Prostate Cancer - Clint Richardson

The death of a friend may have saved Clint Richardson's life. His friend was Dennis Johnson, a five-time NBA All-Star who died suddenly of a heart attack at age 52. Clint and Dennis had played college ball together -- the news was unfathomable. Clint made his first doctor's appointment in more than two years. Then the former Philadelphia 76er learned he was facing his fiercest opponent yet: prostate cancer. Clint didn't consider treatment options. He'd heard of "watchful waiting" and that was more his speed. His doctor didn't agree with Clint's game plan and called him repeatedly to help him choose treatment. Clint listened, and underwent specialized therapy to place cancer-killing radioactive seeds directly in the prostate.

"The treatment is more advanced than I could have ever imagined,” says Clint. "As men we need to get going with getting checked. You don't play games with your life."

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