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Bob Daus

Bob Daus

Faces of Prostate Cancer - Bob Daus

Until his diagnosis at age 60, Bob Daus had never missed a day of work in his life. But when he learned he had an aggressive form of prostate cancer, he suddenly went from never having taken a pill to a sit-down with three cancer specialists. Bob remembers their careful explanations of his options, including getting a second opinion. Something told him he didn’t need one – he believed in this physician team, and he believed in himself. Bob’s aggressive treatment plan began with chemotherapy. His only noticeable side effect from chemo was a mild skin reaction. After surgery to remove his prostate and follow-up radiation treatments, Bob’s PSA levels are barely measurable.

"I’ve heard men say they won’t get checked for fear of what will happen,” says Bob. “But I think my physicians are gifted – true artists. No matter what happened to me, I knew others would benefit from what I went through.”

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