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What people see first as signs of an aging face – deep wrinkles, folds and sagging skin – aren't simply the result of gravity but also of diminished facial volume. As skin and muscles age they appear to deflate, along with the fullness associated with youth.

What Is a Facelift?

Today's surgical facelift is the most effective procedure to achieve lasting rejuvenation of the middle and lower face. While it doesn't stop the aging process, a facelift can help lift your structures and reposition soft tissue under the skin, providing a naturally refreshed, younger look without the tight or pulled back look of older facelift techniques.

While patients typically go home the same day after facelift surgery, it is a major procedure with significant risks and potential complications. That’s why a physical exam, blood tests and other preoperative tests may be conducted as needed, depending on a patient's age, health and treatment plan.

The experience of recovery varies among individuals, but most patients do well with rest and oral pain medications for discomfort. Most patients can resume work or other regular activities after two weeks, though some swelling may still be present.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Facial aging varies considerably among adults not only due to chronological age but also is impacted by factors such as sun exposure and heredity. In general, men and women that are healthy and non-smokers are ideal candidates. Skin elasticity is greater in the mid-forties and early fifties, which can produce better, longer-lasting results, however we have seen good results with patients in their sixties and seventies. Most facelifts will last eight to ten years.

Our surgeons spend significant time listening to their patients and establish shared realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery through a unique operative plan to address each patient’s individual goals. Each treatment plan can include a range of services, both surgical and non-surgical, to address our patients’ goals.

The initial consultation with one of our facial plastic surgeons will include:

  • A discussion of goals and expectations for the procedure. A surgeon will review options to develop an individualized surgical plan that will balance goals, anatomy, and the current techniques that are available.
  • The care team will review what to expect before and after the surgery, including the risks and anticipated benefits to the procedure. Any medical issues that might affect the procedure’s outcome are carefully reviewed.
  • Patients are encouraged to ask questions and discuss concerns during this visit.

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