Executive Care 365

Defining a new level of service in executive medical care

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Executive Care 365 is an executive health program for employers who want best-in-class health care for their busy executives. It combines a comprehensive annual executive physical with the year-round amenities of a concierge medical service — including 24/7 access to physicians.

Our concierge medicine physicians limit the number of patients in their practices so they can devote all the time needed to each of their patients. Our support staff embodies the “concierge” concept — setting up appointments, coordinating health records and more to make an executive’s experience both personal and efficient.

Virginia Mason Seattle Medical Center

Take a look at the concierge medicine program at Virginia Mason:

Executive Care 365 is the only program of its kind in the west to combine executive exams with concierge medicine services whereby, patients have full and seamless access to all of the resources of a renowned medical center.

Why choose Virginia Mason for your executive health care?

Here are a just a few good reasons: