Enterostomal Therapy

Wound and Ostomy Nursing

Ostomy is an operation that makes it possible for stool or urine to leave the body through an opening made in the abdomen. An ostomy is necessary when part or all of the intestines or bladder are removed.

Virginia Mason’s board certified wound and ostomy nurses evaluate and treat patients with a wide variety of ostomy related issues.

Ostomy Care

  • Preoperative stoma site marking
  • Ostomy care education and rehabilitation
  • Treat skin problems around the stoma
  • Provides nursing intervention for persistent pouch leakage problems and odor control
  • Assists in recommending community resources
  • Evaluate, manage or refer problems related to extreme changes in the size or color of the stoma

Wound care

  • Prevention and management of pressure ulcers
  • Skin care related to incontinence or wound drainage
  • Other chronic and acute wound problems

In partnership with other Virginia Mason departments, the wound and ostomy nurses provides specialty care for a variety of ostomy, skin and wound problems.

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