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Endoscopic Procedures

Virginia Mason is recognized nationally and internationally for endoscopic treatment of gastroesophageal, hepatic and pancreaticobiliary disorders. An endoscope is a thin flexible tube that holds a miniature camera, microscopic instruments or an ultrasound probe. Gastroenterologists carefully maneuver the endoscope throughout the upper or lower gastrointestinal tract to diagnose and treat medical disorders, such as bleeding sites, tumors, or obstructions. 

Several endoscopic advances as well as novel therapeutic treatments are in use at Virginia Mason, including ERCP with endoscopic ultrasound. Together these modalities produce exquisite images of the biliary tree, pancreas and liver, and allow "dual modality drainage" for severe cases of pancreatic necrosis as well as other pancreaticobiliary disorders. Virginia Mason has been ranked consistently among the top five medical centers in Washington state for treatment of GI disorders. Learn about how to prepare for your procedures. Read about all of the GI and Hepatology conditions we treat.

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