During Your Stay

Learn what to expect during your hospital stay.

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Emmi hospital stay video.

How to use the phones

While staying at the hospital, you can make free local phone calls as well as long-distance calls with a telephone calling card or by calling collect.

Getting calls during your stay

You can tell family and friends to call the hospital switchboard at (206) 624-1144.

Visiting Hours

We understand that the support of family and friends is beneficial to our patients' needs, so visiting hours are flexible. To promote the rest of our patients, we ask that family and friends finish their visiting by 9 p.m.

Condition reports

Any personal information about your diagnosis and treatment is considered confidential. This information is available only to designated members of your immediate family, with your permission.


Each hospital room is equipped with a color television, featuring major local television stations.

No-smoking policy

To provide a smoke-free environment for our patients and staff, Virginia Mason does not allow smoking on the medical center's property.

Spiritual Care

Our non-denominational chaplains are available to provide counseling, compassionate listening, crisis intervention, grief and bereavement resources, and patient advocacy. Contact the Department of Spiritual Care by calling (206) 583-6463. Find more information.