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Digestive Disease Research Staff

The dedicated team of clinical research scientists, coordinators and assistants at the Digestive Disease Institute work together to bring new treatment options to patients across the spectrum of digestive disease. The research staff have years of experience and expertise in protocol management, study implementation and study coordination specific to digestive disease, and are involved in preparing and submitting Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications, protocols, consent forms and other regulatory documents. They also work with investigators to screen potential trial participants, determine patient eligibility, help schedule procedures, collect patient data and explain trial protocols to patients. For sponsors seeking sites for clinical trials, the Digestive Disease Institute offers many advantages.

Physical Research Facilities

  • Dedicated exam room in the GI clinic for research study patients
  • Five-bed Phase I Clinical Research Center (CRC) with 24/7 nursing support in our hospital
  • Patient accommodations include overnight beds and showers
  • Equipment includes refrigerator, minus 20 and minus 70 degree freezers, centrifuge, ECG
  • Monitor rooms with Internet access for research monitor visits
  • Dedicated research pharmacy

Research Team

  • Senior clinical research coordinators are CRCC certified through ARCP
  • All staff, including providers, are Ethics and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certified
  • Staff experience ranges from six months to more than 10 years
  • Average time on the team is four to five years
  • Statistical analysis is readily available

Research Experience

  • Phase IIA — IV drug and device clinical trials
  • NIH-funded studies and a strong industry-sponsored research study pipeline
  • Investigator-initiated studies funded through extramural sources
  • More than 20 studies started and completed in the last 12 months