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Now, all patients can benefit from a team of experts studying skin biopsies. Beginning this year, Virginia Mason's Dermatopathology service is guided by four skin specialists with unique training and years of experience in skin pathology. These specialists include Alison Young, MD, PhD; Steve Ruhoy, MD; Clay Danenhower, MD, and Donald Guinee, MD. Using a team approach in the Dermatopathology service, specialists confer with each other on difficult and challenging cases, to ensure a safe, accurate evaluation is made.

Dermatopathology is a sub-specialty of dermatology and surgical pathology, where specialists study skin diseases at a microscopic level. You may be asked by your provider to undergo a skin biopsy, where a sample of your skin tissue is removed for study by these specialists. Skin biopsies are performed to diagnose a disease such as skin cancer or other skin conditions.

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