In addition to superb bedside teaching, we offer a rich didactic curriculum (seen below) for residents. Teaching formats range from traditional lectures to problem-based learning discussions, interactive, small-group sessions and simulation. Progression through the content required by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) is guided by the Anesthesia Toolbox.  The Anesthesia Toolbox is a collaborative online learning platform shared by more than 60 anesthesiology residency programs, and offers many resources for self-directed study in the format of articles, online modules, videos and podcasts. Bedside teaching, formal didactics and self-guided study are supplemented by access to TrueLearn for board exam question practice.

Learning and Simulation Center
The Learning and Simulation Center at Virginia Mason is dedicated to enhancing medical education, teamwork and patient safety. Anesthesiology residents spend most of their time at the Center in a mock operating room with a state-of-the-art SimMan® patient simulator. Topics practiced in simulation sessions vary from management of intraoperative emergencies to disclosing medical errors to a patient’s family member. In addition, there are self-guided simulation tools available to residents, at any time, to practice ultrasound, vascular access and airway management skills. The medical library at the Center provides residents free online access to medical journals and textbooks, and a quiet place to study. Furthermore, the Center is used for research by the Department of Anesthesiology. Recent research topics have included perioperative infection prevention, and management of local anesthetic toxicity.

Didactics Schedule