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As you may know, Virginia Mason (VM) is preparing to construct a building on Boren Avenue between Seneca and Spring streets, which will be an addition to its main hospital on Seneca. This is the first of many weekly construction bulletins you will receive about the latest construction activities and plans. 

For the week of Oct. 15, general contractor Skanska will continue disconnecting utilities, salvage work and other preparations inside the Northcliffe building on the corner of Boren and Seneca in advance of the building's demolition.

The week of Oct. 22, fencing will go up around the property line of the site along Seneca, Boren and Spring. Sidewalks around the site will remain open to pedestrians at this time.

Between Oct. 22 and Nov. 16, VM will be contracting asbestos removal activities at the Northcliffe. VM's contractor guarantees proper handling, transport and disposal of asbestos in accordance with Washington State Labor and Industries' regulations. During this period, VM will also contract rodent extermination work prior to demolition.

Beginning the week of Nov. 19, fencing will be moved out to the street in preparation of a traditional tear-down demolition (not an implosion and not a wrecking ball demolition). At that time, pedestrians will be directed to sidewalks across the street from the site and the right southbound lane of Boren Avenue will be closed to traffic intermittently during the one-month demolition period, from Nov. 19 through Dec. 17.

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