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This is our regular bulletin describing the construction work taking place at the future site of VM's Main Campus addition on Boren Avenue between Seneca and Spring streets. We plan to continue sending out bulletins weekly to keep you informed of the latest construction activities, schedules and plans. 

For the week of Nov. 26, we are nearing final preparations for the Northcliffe building demolition. Asbestos removal is now complete. The fencing remains at the property line; sidewalks are open around all sides of the site and will remain so until demolition. 

Demolition still is scheduled tentatively for either the weekend of Dec. 1 and 2, or Dec. 8 and 9. Through a special permit, the actual tearing down of the building is scheduled to occur over a weekend to minimize the impact on pedestrian and car traffic around the site. The final demolition dates depend on the time needed to complete preparation activities. We will keep you posted through this bulletin once actual demolition dates are confirmed. 

Prior to demolition, fencing will be moved to the street, and sidewalks will be closed throughout the demolition. At that time, pedestrians will be directed to sidewalks across the street from the site.
The right southbound lane of Boren may be closed intermittently to traffic during the demolition weekend. 

The demolition will be a traditional tear-down, not an implosion or wrecking ball operation. For two to three weeks after demolition, building material and debris will be removed from the site for reuse, recycling and disposal. The trucks hauling away this material will most greatly affect traffic on Boren Avenue and Spring Street.

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