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We are writing to provide you with the latest information about the timing of the demolition of the Northcliffe building. 

Preparation for demolition activity will begin with the mobilization of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and excavators, onto the site the week of Dec. 10. Initially, trucks will enter the site from Spring Street only. While we are taking all measures possible to ensure the safety of the public, it is always advisable to use extra caution whenever there are heavy equipment and construction activities occurring in the area.

The demolition work will begin on the south end of the site and work to the north. Removal of the Hudson Arms garage structure should begin by Dec. 15 and 16. There are no demolition activities currently planned over the weekend of Dec. 22 and 23. Tentatively, the tear down of the Northcliffe building itself is scheduled to commence the weekend of Dec. 29 and 30.

From Dec. 12 through roughly Dec. 21, there will be intermittent closures of Spring Street between Boren Avenue and Terry Avenue, as electrical power is rerouted to serve the Inn at Virginia Mason. Provisions are being made to ensure that emergency vehicles will have constant access during this period.

Beginning Dec. 11, preparations will begin to relocate Metro trolley lines off the Northcliffe onto new support poles. This will result in intermittent lane closures on Seneca Street between Boren Avenue and Terry Avenue. This work is expected to take approximately two weeks. 

Beginning the week of Dec. 10, the fencing along Seneca and Spring will move out to the curbside, closing the sidewalks. The sidewalk along Boren will remain open until actual building tear-down activities begin.

We apologize for any inconvenience these activities cause you and sincerely thank you for your patience throughout this period. As updated information becomes available, we will be sure to share it with you.

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