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We are writing to provide you with the latest information about our hospital addition construction project.

Activities for the Week of March 24
Shoring activity at the construction site, along the west edge of Boren Avenue between Spring and Seneca streets, will begin Monday, March 24, with shoring and excavation equipment being delivered to the site during normal construction work hours. There will be periodic inconveniences on Boren lasting one to two hours when heavy equipment is entering the site.

Drilling and installation of 80- to 85-foot steel piles will begin by mid-week and continue for weeks. Because this shoring activity involves drilling and not pile driving, neighbors will not experience vibration disruptions common at other construction sites. Noise at the site will result mainly from diesel engines running to fuel trucks, the drill, crane and other equipment. Noise levels will be kept within the acceptable, permitted level and equipment will be muffled when possible.

Work in the intersection of Boren and Seneca will be completed and the road will be repaved by mid-week. Work on installing a new storm drain connection just south of the intersection will begin this week. This work will require the closure of one to two lanes of traffic on Boren between Spring and Seneca during normal construction hours. All lanes will be open after construction hours.

This week, utility relocation ductwork continues on Seneca immediately in front of the John Winthrop Apartments in preparation for the installation of a large electrical vault late in the week of March 31 or during the week of April 7. This work will affect the street and sidewalk on the north side of Seneca to the east side of the building's entrance.

The Urban Forestry Department of the Seattle Department of Transportation has determined that one tree in front of the apartment building will have to be removed for this work to commence. A new tree will replace it upon completion of this work. We will ensure an open pathway is maintained at all times to allow residents of the Winthrop Apartments to enter and exit the building to the west. During non-construction hours, we will maintain a pedestrian path around the excavation area.

If sufficient progress is made on Seneca, additional electrical ductbank work will begin on Spring Street, within the area that is presently closed.

Weekend Work
For the weekend of March 22 and 23, we will be working on the existing hospital building to clear the way for the second phase of the shoring operation. It involves some concrete cutting and hoisting with a mobile crane.

By special permit, work will start on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. Crews are aiming to complete this work by 5 p.m. on Saturday, but if they run into any delays, then it is permitted to continue until 6 p.m. on Sunday if necessary.

Street Closures for the Week of March 24

  • Spring Street - Spring between Boren and Terry avenues will remain closed for the next few weeks. The median in Boren has been removed and will be replaced at the end of the construction project in 2010. To ensure pedestrian safety, the south sidewalk on Spring will remain open.

  • Boren Avenue - During this next week, please expect the closure of one to two lanes of traffic on Boren between Spring and Seneca during normal construction hours. During these hours, the lanes will be channeled to allow at least one lane of travel in each direction. All lanes will be open after construction hours.

  • Seneca Street - The first four parking stalls immediately west of Boren on both sides of Seneca will continue to be closed to parking. One lane of traffic may be closed intermittently during this work, but the other will remain open to route bus and car traffic onto Boren. Additional parking spaces along the north, westbound lane of Seneca may need to be closed, including a Zone 21 Permit Parking Load/Unload area, to ensure the safety of the public and workers on the site.

Once again, we thank you for your patience throughout this period and apologize for any inconvenience these activities may cause. As updated information becomes available, we will be sure to share it with you.

As always, for more information about the addition, including an animated video of how the new building will be situated on the site, please visit

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the construction activities, please contact:

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