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We are writing to provide you with the latest information about our hospital addition construction project and the timing of the demolition of the Northcliffe building on the corner of Terry Avenue and Boren Avenue.

The tentative dates for the demolition of the Northcliffe are Feb. 23 and 24. The demolition contractor plans to mobilize equipment onto the site the week of Feb. 11. The surface parking lot and garage (the old Hudson Arms garage) will be removed soon thereafter.

Last month we started preparing for the relocation of Metro trolley lines off the Northcliffe onto new support poles. We resumed this work the week of Jan. 15, beginning excavation for new poles to hold the trolley lines being removed from the building. The south, eastbound lane of Seneca Street between Boren and Terry, and the adjacent sidewalk was closed Jan. 15-17 and reopened on Jan. 18. There will continue to be intermittent lane and sidewalk closures on Seneca, between Boren and Terry, through approximately Jan. 30, when we anticipate this work to be complete. 

In late January, we plan to continue the relocation of the underground utilities. For now, Spring Street remains open; when this work begins, there will be intermittent closures. We will provide more information on this as we progress. As shoring and excavation activities get under way, Spring Street will be permanently closed between Boren and Terry for the duration of the construction. The closure date will be communicated as soon as we have that information.

Additionally, installation of the construction offices is anticipated to start during the week of Jan. 21 and be completed in February. The offices will be located in the parking area just south of the Baroness Apartments (1005 Spring Street). This involves setting up two large mobile office trailers and a deck connecting them.

Preparations are continuing on the existing hospital to separate it from dependence on the alley. This work is primarily internal but includes some sealing of stairway openings.

Please understand that the intended dates for many of these activities are contingent on the completion of the utility and electric bus wire relocations. They may change if we run into unforeseen site conditions that would delay this ongoing work.

We apologize for any inconvenience these activities may cause and thank you for your patience throughout this period. As updated information becomes available, we will be sure to share it with you.

As always, for more information about the addition, please visit:

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