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We are writing to provide you with the latest information about our hospital addition construction project and the timing of the demolition of the Northcliffe building on the corner of Seneca Street and Boren Avenue.

Demolition activities for the week of Feb. 11-17
Demolition equipment will be mobilized onto the site early in the week of Feb. 11. Trucks will enter and exit the site from Boren. The demolition of the old Hudson Arms and Northcliffe garages will start the next day. This activity will result in increased noise levels and disruption as crews break and crush concrete. To minimize disturbance, these activities will be limited to construction hours. There are no activities planned for the weekend of Feb. 16-17.    

The demolition of the Northcliffe building itself is still planned for the weekend of Feb. 23-24.

Street Closures
Spring Street between Boren and Terry Avenue will be closed intermittently throughout the week due to the underground power relocation expected to be complete by Feb. 15. Spring will open when the work is complete, but it will be subject to intermittent closures for the foreseeable future.

By the end of the week of Feb. 11, trenching and excavation work along Boren between Spring and Seneca may begin, requiring the closure of the outer southbound lane of Boren. Once this work begins, the lane will remain closed into March.

No closures are foreseen at this time for Seneca during the week of Feb. 11. 

Installation of Construction Offices on Terry Avenue
Over the next few weeks, we will continue to build construction offices located in the parking area just south of the Baroness Apartments (1005 Spring Street). This involves setting up two large mobile office trailers and a deck connecting them. During this work, we will accommodate access in and out of the Chasselton Apartments garage.

Installation of a Temporary Hospital Exit
Preparations are being completed for the temporary exit from the hospital to separate it from dependence on the alley. This work is primarily internal but includes construction of a new temporary exit stairway from the seventh floor roof terrace down to the Emergency Department sidewalk on Spring Street. When this is complete the existing stair that exits onto the alley will be permanently closed.

We apologize for any inconvenience these activities may cause and thank you for your patience throughout this period. As updated information becomes available, we will be sure to share it with you.

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