Clinical and Operative Experience

The residents at Virginia Mason develop surgical expertise and gain an impressive clinical and operative experience during their five years. Virginia Mason is a tertiary care specialty hospital with referrals from the entire Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Our specialty surgical services have been designed to be smaller so the entire team can function cohesively, providing excellent training as well as extraordinary patient care. We thoughtfully balance the inpatient load with the outpatient clinic and the operating room experience. Since our services have a comparatively low daily inpatient census, all residents are able to spend time engaged in a variety of learning environments outside of the inpatient ward. Specifically, our junior residents enjoy a robust operative experience with faculty as well as senior residents. In addition, most patients in the outpatient setting are seen by residents in conjunction with faculty. This provides excellent continuity of care and an enriched knowledge of patient management. Most services have three operating days per week and two clinic days per week. Our chief residents graduate with an amazing breadth and depth of surgical cases that prepares them well for surgical practice or fellowship training beyond residency.