Virginia Mason's Cardiology Department, based in Seattle, Wash., is part of The Heart Institute at Virginia Mason. Our department offers comprehensive cardiovascular care provided by a team of heart doctors, heart surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacists, exercise therapists and other specialists throughout our medical center. Our goal is to maximize our patients' quality of life while treating diseases and disorders of the heart and vascular system. 

Cardiology Services

Cardiology is located in the Lindeman Pavilion Level 3 (1201 Terry Ave., First Hill area) at the Virginia Mason Hospital & Seattle Medical Center. Clinicians can refer a patient to Virginia Mason's Cardiology Department by calling (206) 341-1111. Our fax number is (206) 223-8824.

Broken Heart Syndrome: Watch Drew Baldwin, MD, FACC, on Q13 Fox News talking about the signs and symptoms of broken heart syndrome.Video courtesy of Q13 Fox News.