Cancer Care Team

Extraordinary Ability and Talent

Harvard. Stanford. University of Washington. Yale.

Our physicians who specialize in cancer have trained at the best schools in the nation. Their education and credentials are as impressive as you'll find. They often wear two hats: that of a personal physician and that of a researcher. They follow patients' progress with care, studying their response to each particular form of treatment. They gather the data, and use it to create the most up-to-date knowledge base available that tells them what's working best for their cancer patients.

This combined role, which blends patient care with cutting-edge research, is really what has made the difference for so many cancer patients who come to Virginia Mason. For many, it has meant receiving the latest forms of treatment available anywhere in the world.

An All-Star Cast of Cancer Specialists

Virginia Mason offers a breadth of care that isn't readily available everywhere, simply because of its ability to attract so many exceptional specialists.

Added to the physician staff are chaplains, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, social workers and therapists specially trained and certified in cancer care, all of whom create a comprehensive team that brings its combined expertise to bear on each patient's case.

Our caregivers surround each patient with the information, care, encouragement and compassion required to make his or her own unique journey. What a patient actually experiences at Virginia Mason is reassurance: not just the reassurance that he or she is in capable hands, but that they are also in caring hands.