Breast Cancer Care

Exceptional cure and survival rates are the hallmarks of cancer care at Virginia Mason's Breast Center. We treat thousands of patients annually and our outcomes are among the best in the nation. Our targeted and focused approach starts with an individual plan of care uniquely created for each patient. This treatment plan is developed by a multidisciplinary team that includes surgical, radiological and medical oncologists, as well as pathologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons and genetic counselors with support from other cancer care professionals such as nurses, physical therapists and psychologists.

A Center for Surgical Excellence

Virginia Mason patients have access to every type of surgical technique available in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer – from minimally invasive procedures to full breast reconstruction. Our oncoplastic surgeons can often reshape and restore a patient's breast at the time of a lumpectomy, eliminating the need for future surgeries.

State-of-the-Art Imaging and Diagnostics

From 3D (digital tomosynthesis) mammography to MRI-guided breast biopsies, we use state-of-the-art imaging and procedures to ensure that our patients receive the best possible radiological assessment and treatment. Virginia Mason is the first medical center in the region to offer whole-breast automated screening ultrasound for patients with dense breast tissue.

In addition, Virginia Mason is the first medical center in the state of Washington to offer intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) in a clinical trial. A collaboration between surgeons and radiation oncologists, IORT provides a single dose of radiation at the time of surgery to eligible patients. Another treatment option available at the time of surgery is partial breast radiation using a catheter to deliver targeted radiation to the lumpectomy site that shortens treatment time to five consecutive days after surgery.

Genetic Counseling

Hereditary cancer counseling, information and testing is available for all patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Nurse Coordinators

Vital to the team that provides care for our patients is a breast cancer nurse coordinator who is assigned to be with a patient from initial evaluation and diagnosis through treatment and recovery. This coordinator is readily available to the patient and her family and addresses and resolves any questions or concerns they may have.

If you have recently received a breast cancer diagnosis, you can receive immediate guidance from a breast cancer care coordinator by calling (206) 223-8862.

Cancer Resources

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