Brain Cancer Care

Virginia Mason's brain cancer specialists in Seattle offer a unique approach for diagnosing, treating and supporting individuals with brain cancer. From diagnosis through treatment and beyond, Virginia Mason offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of brain cancer.

The Virginia Mason Care Team

Our caregivers surround patients with the information, care, encouragement and compassion required for them to make their own unique journey.

Brain Cancer Treatment

We bring together the resources of the entire medical center to provide patients with the most progressive care available.

Our treatments are precise and carefully targeted.Click image to enlarge

Three different views of a CT planning study of a brain tumor.
Radiosurgery treatment plan of a pituitary tumor
Man (lower left) shows the orientation of the body.
Pink: Tumor treated to a high dose of radiation, All other colors are low dose.
Red and Green spheres: Eye
Yellow: Optic nerves
Green: Brainstem

Clinical Trials

Virginia Mason is a leading cancer clinical trial site, offering more than 60 cancer-related clinical trials each year, including studies sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and industry-sponsored drug trials. Patients benefit from Virginia Mason's Benaroya Research Institute (BRI), a world-renowned research institution that is looking at the causes and cures of autoimmune diseases, and is making those discoveries available to patients through translational (bench to bedside) medicine. BRI cancer trials include the use of chemotherapy, radiation and targeted therapies, as well quality-of-life and symptom management trials. Learn more about our current brain cancer clinical trials.

Support and Survivorship

We support our patients beyond their treatment with community events, support groups and more.

About Brain Cancer

Information on the brain, symptoms of a tumor and types of brain tumors.