Talking About Sustainability

February 2014 — Ever wonder if health care organizations talk with each other about sustainability?

We often talk on a national level about health care sustainability through Practice Green Health and Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI). Virginia Mason is a Practice Green Health Partner with Distinction award winner and participant in the HHI Challenges for healthier hospitals. Brenna Davis, director of Sustainability, has presented webinars and sharing calls for Practice Green Health members. In short, the national discussion is robust.

On a local level, health care sustainability leaders have remarked there wasn’t a forum for to meet, discuss, and innovate. Virginia Mason decided to change all of that. Inspired by Patagonia’s Sustainable Apparel Coalition, we invited local health care sustainability leaders to join us on campus in an information exchange and dialogue about local sustainability issues. The event was lively, engaging and helpful. The group is working on an Earth Day collaboration, as well as considering some innovative future projects together.

Virginia Mason is proud to collaborate on sustainability issues across the industry. We hope it will ultimately reduce the environmental impact of health care across the Pacific Northwest so we can protect the natural beauty and health of our region.