Fix a Leak Week

March 2014 — Water. We need it to survive, and future generations are depending on us to take smart steps now that will ensure this precious resource does not dry up.

The health care industry uses water for domestic functions like sinks, but also for process functions like cooling and sterile processing. At Virginia Mason, we spent more than a million dollars a year on water and sewer bills at the Seattle campus alone in 2013. In an effort to reduce our water usage, we partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to celebrate annual "Fix a Leak Week" March 17-23. During this week, we asked team members to inspect their work area for water leaks and drips. If they spot a leak, they reported it to Engineering.

When scanning for leaks, our employees look for the following tell-tale signs:

  • Faucets that leak, drip, or won't shut off all the way
  • Showers that leak, drip, or won't shut off all the way
  • Toilets that are noisy or run too long after you flush

Better never stops when it comes to Virginia Mason and EnviroMason. When our team members are working together to identify and fix leaks, we support Virginia Mason's strong economics, elimination of waste and commitment to quality. At the same time, we take less water from the plants and animals in local watersheds, preserving their habitat for the benefit of ourselves, our patients and for future generations.

For more information on Fix a Leak Week and how you can conserve at home, visit the EPA's Water Sense website.