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The July 2015 issue of Seattle magazine features 51 physicians from Virginia Mason as Top Doctors. Sixteen Virginia Mason doctors were highlighted for having made the list for at least 10 consecutive years:

David Aboulafia, MD (13 years); Stephen Bayles, MD (10 years); Thomas Biehl, MD (11 years); John Corman, MD (11 years); Cyrus Cryst, MD (12 years); Michael Elliott, MD (11 years); Chris Fellows, MD (10 years); Andrew Friedman, MD (11 years); Mark Hill, MD (12 years); Steven Kirtland, MD (10 years); Richard Kozarek, MD (13 years); Linda Mihalov, MD (11 years); Ulrike Ochs, MD (11 years); Kim Pittenger, MD (12 years); Richard Thirlby, MD (10 years); and Debra Wechter, MD (10 years).

Seattle magazine asked thousands of local doctors this question: To whom would you send a loved one for medical care?

Virginia Mason Physicians honored as Top Doctors:

Asthma, Allergy and Immunology
David Jeong, MD
Mary Farrington, MD
David Robinson MD

Bariatric Medicine
Jeffrey Hunter, MD

Cardiac Surgery
Mark Hill, MD

Christopher Fellows, MD
Gordon Kritzer, MD

Ulrike Ochs, MD
Edwin Rhim, MD

Grace Lee, MD
Jonathan Stoehr, MD, PhD

Family Medicine
Kim Pittenger, MD

Richard Kozarek, MD
Andrew Ross, MD

Linda Mihalov MD

Nanette Robinson, MD
Debra Wechter, MD (Breast Cancer)
Richard Thirlby, MD (Gastrointestinal Cancer)
Amy Brockmeyer, MD (Gynecologic Cancer)
Michelle Yao, MD
David Aboulafia, MD
Lynne Taylor, MD (Neuro-Oncology)

Infectious Diseases
Margot Schwartz, MD, MPH

Internal Medicine
Steven Hayashi, MD
Michael Soung, MD

Cyrus Cryst, MD

Michael Elliott, MD

Farrokh Farrokhi, MD
Charles Nussbaum, MD
Rajiv Sethi, MD

Janet Chieh, MD
Alexander On, MD

Stephen Bayles, MD

Kristin Nyweide White, MD
Kathy Risse, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Andrew Friedman, MD

Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
James Schlenker, MD

Pulmonary Medicine
Steven Kirtland, MD

Radiology, Interventional
Mehran Fotoohi, MD
Ellen Hauptmann, MD
David H. Robinson, MD

Jeffrey Carlin, MD

General, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery
Thomas Biehl, MD
Donald Low, MD
Daniel Neuzil, MD
Edmond Raker, MD

Christian Kuhr, MD

Blair Washington, MD, MHA

John Corman, MD
Paul Kozlowski, MD
Christopher Porter, MD


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