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Virginia Mason Grief Services is excited to invite you to a 2-day Summer Symposium on grief and trauma interventions, with a focus on Restorative Retelling.

Day One, four experts will speak about their work:

  • Restorative Retelling with Children: Grief and Trauma Intervention (GTI), presented by Alison Salloum, PhD, LCSW
  • How Restorative Retelling Compares to other Exposure Models, presented by Joah L. Williams, Ph.D.
  • America's Effort to Bring Better Bereavement Care and Protections for All, presented by Joyal Mulheron, Founder & Executive Director, Evermore
  • Law & Ethics of Telehealth: WA Telemedicine Training, presented by Eric Ström, JD, PhD, LMHC

Day Two, four Restorative Retelling providers will dive deeper into Restorative Retelling to share lessons learned along the way that have enhanced the effectiveness of the model.

  • Restorative Retelling in Action: Case Presentation, Presented by Dr. Ted Rynearson (1 hour).
  • Digging Deeper into Restorative Retelling, Presented by Laura Takacs, LICSW, MPH, Vilma Torres, LMSW and Tanya Jimenez-Ortiz, LMSW (5 hours of instruction)

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Online via zoom webinar
Thursday, July 29, 2021
Friday, July 30, 2021
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