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E-mail Communications Agreement
If you wish to receive e-mail communications from us, please consider the following information about e-mail communications and sign the consent to electronic communications below:

I understand that e-mail is not a secure medium for sending and receiving potentially sensitive personal health care information. Virginia Mason cannot assure the confidentiality or protection of e-mail communications. E-mail sent to Virginia Mason may be accessed by individuals who are not directly involved in my care (for example, employees performing system administrative functions). E-mail sent to me may be accessed by others (for example, by my employer if my e-mail address is provided by my employer, or my Internet service provider).

I understand that e-mail is not a good medium for urgent or time-sensitive communications. Time-sensitive communications should be handled by direct telephone contact or in person. I understand the information described above. I authorize Virginia Mason to send electronic mail to me at the address I use to send them messages.

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