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Logo: Best Doctors, Inc. Seventy seven VM doctors were voted best in their fields by their peers for 2009-2010.The results of a nationwide survey show 77 Virginia Mason physicians were voted best in their fields by their peers. The survey, sponsored by Best Doctors, Inc., is distributed to physicians in over 400 specialties and subspecialties. The survey asks each specialist to name their top referral choices in their field. Physicians who are voted Best Doctors then complete follow-up surveys asking detailed questions about their practices. Surveys are analyzed and assigned an aggregate score for placement on the Best Doctors list.
Founded by two physicians affiliated with Harvard Medical School in 1989, Best Doctors, Inc. was created to provide people greater access to reliable, high quality health care. Their pioneering work as a health care resource for patients, families and physicians has appeared on 60 Minutes and CNN, and in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Reader's Digest.
Best Doctors services are offered to individuals through partnerships with employee benefit plans, insurance programs, workers' compensation programs and other carriers. For more information, visit See below for the complete list of VM physicians voted Best Doctors by their peers.

Allergy and Immunology
Mary L. Farrington, MD
Joyce K. Lammert, MD
David M. Robinson, MD

Manbir Batra, MD
Robert A. Caplan, MD
Michael F. Mulroy, MD
Stephen M. Rupp, MD
Francis V. Salinas, MD

Cardiovascular Disease
Christopher L. Fellows, MD, FACC, FHRS
Michael Longo, MD

Family Medicine
Laurel Morrison, MD
David S. Paplow, MD

John J. Brandabur, MD
Richard A. Kozarek, MD
Drew B. Schembre, MD, FASGE, FACG

General Gynecology
Mark Gerard Doherty, MD
Linda Mihalov, MD, FACOG

Kris V. Kowdley, MD, FACP, FACG, FASGE, AGAF

Internal Medicine
Barry Aaronson, MD, FACP
Lesley Althouse, MD
Eileen K. Bailey, MD
A. James Bender, MD
Roger W. Bush, MD, FACP
Richard E. Davis, MD
L. Keith Dipboye, MD, MA
Curtis S. Endow, MD
Richard Furlong, MD
David A. Gortner, MD
Thomas C. Gunby, MD, FACP
Dan Hanson, MD, FHM
Steve Hayashi, MD
Carrie Ann Horwitch, MD, FACP, MPH
Michael D. Ingraham, MD
John N. Kirkpatrick, MD, FACP
Alexandra M. Morrison, MD
Bruce A. Nitsche, MD, ABIM
Julie M. Pattison, MD
Astrid Marie Pujari, MD
Sundance L. Rogers, MD, ABIM
James Simmons, MD
Paul A. Smith, MD, FACP
Leland Teng, MD

Medical Oncology and Hematology
David Aboulafia, MD
Thomas Malpass, MD
Jacqueline Vuky, MD

Neurological Surgery
David C. Primrose, MD

Mariko Kita, MD
Lynne P. Taylor, MD, FAAN

Janet L. Barrall, MD
Parag A. Gokhale, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery
Thomas M. Green, MD
Michael E. Morris, MD
Lyle S. Sorensen, MD

Douglas D. Backous, MD, FACS
Stephen W. Bayles, MD, FACS
Michael G. Glenn, MD, FACS
Craig S. Murakami, MD, FACS

Pain Medicine
Hugh W. Allen, MD

Ann N. Champoux, MD, FAAP
Ruth A. Conn, MD, FAAP
Steven W. Dassel, MD, FAAP
Andrea Fasullo, MD, FAAP
Jonathan R. Fox, MD, FAAP
Robert T. Fukura, MD, FAAP
Gordon S. Naylor, MD, FAAP
Donna L. Smith, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Andrew S. Friedman, MD
Michael S. Weinstein, MD

Thomas R. Biehl, MD, FACS
Ravi Moonka, MD
John A. Ryan, Jr., MD, FACS
Richard C. Thirlby, MD, FACS
L. William Traverso, MD, FACS
Thoracic Surgery
Donald E. Low, MD, FACS

Thomas R. Hefty, MD
Christian S. Kuhr, MD, FACS
R. Dale McClure, MD, FACS, FRCS(C)

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