Virginia Mason Institute

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Transforming Health Care Worldwide

Founded in 2008, Virginia Mason Institute partners with health care organizations worldwide to coach health care leaders and inspire them to build the organizational capability they need to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. The institute’s No. 1 purpose is to inspire others to believe that zero-defect health care is possible, and it does so by preparing and guiding health care professionals to dramatically improve the lives of their patients.

Striving for Zero-Defect Health Care in the United Kingdom

In 2016, the institute coached 23 organizations in the United States and abroad and provided training in lean health care improvement methods to thousands of individuals. One client organization, currently part of the National Health System in the United Kingdom, chose to focus its improvement work on the reduction of sepsis in the hospital.

The client had approximately four sepsis deaths monthly within the hospital. After coaching and improvement work led by the institute, the lead time from when a patient exhibited sepsis symptoms to initial diagnosis was reduced from 76 minutes to 30 minutes, and the time for receiving essential care elements for sepsis was reduced from 5 hours to 23 minutes. The client now maintains a 100 percent compliance rate for timely diagnosis and administration of the sepsis plan of care.

Forward Momentum

Virginia Mason Institute is now looking ahead to expand on the vision to be the primary resource and inspiration for those who seek to transform health care. The institute has launched a five-year strategic plan to help accomplish this. The plan entails working with additional organizations in their transformation journey, and providing new products and services to jumpstart and accelerate quality and safety improvements for clients.