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Jeanne Jachim, President, Virginia Mason Foundation
Jeanne Jachim, President,
Virginia Mason Foundation


Dear Friends,

While watching television recently, I heard a great line on a commercial — “We carry each other forward.” It speaks to progress and movement together, mutually beneficial, to holding and supporting each other as you move ahead. It resonated with me as a wonderful description of the relationship between Virginia Mason and our patients, donors and friends.

Sometimes we carry each other in relatively simple ways: a scheduler providing the appointment time that a patient really wants or needs; a volunteer bringing reading glasses or a charging cord to someone who came to the hospital without them; a donor thanking his or her physician through a donation in their honor; a staff member smiling and warmly greeting a patient and her family.

Sometimes we carry each other forward in more significant ways — through extraordinary medical care that saves a patient’s life, or the volunteer who comes every week to drive outpatient clients at Bailey-Boushay House to necessary appointments that they otherwise couldn’t get to, the scientists at Benaroya Research Institute who helped identify how to prevent peanut allergies, the large donation that ensures the stability of a program into the future, or the patient who serves on an improvement workshop team.

Regardless of how, day in and day out we carry each other forward. We make mutually beneficial progress together. This partnership and collaboration is without a doubt, reflected through philanthropy. In 2016, we received philanthropic support totaling $16.1 million, including more than 22,000 hours of volunteer time and energy. On behalf of our patients and their families, our team members and physicians, and our boards and community, thank you for partnering with us and carrying us forward!

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Jeanne Jachim
Virginia Mason Foundation