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Brian Knowles and Ernie Munoz
Left to right: Brian Knowles, Executive Director Chair, Board of Directors,
Bailey-Boushay House;
Ernie Muñoz, Chair, Board of Directors, Bailey-Boushay House


Dear Friends,

What does trust have to do with accepting help? For many of our outpatient program clients at Bailey-Boushay House, trusting others is the first hurdle in getting what they need. The relative isolation of life on the streets — the reality for half of our inpatient clients — leaves many to struggle with even the simplest transactions of daily life. When it feels like no one’s got your back, it’s safer to go it alone.

One goal in meeting the basic needs of all clients is to build trust. The more we can help them with the necessities, the more they’ll want to be at Bailey-Boushay House, stay on lifesaving medication and get the health care and other services they need to progress.

Expanding programs that will attract and keep clients in our care was one of the many strategic directions set forth in 2016, when the Bailey-Boushay House Board of Directors launched a five-year development plan. An upcoming facility renovation will support increased food services, more access to laundry, showers and storage, with new community spaces for clients and residents. But that’s only the beginning of an ambitious plan with focused initiatives including:

  • Recruiting and retaining team members and volunteers who embrace the culture and spirit of Bailey-Boushay House
  • Eliminating barriers in complex cases to facilitate more inpatient admissions
  • Developing partnerships with other service organizations, from neighborhood groups to state-sponsored services, to better understand and provide for the communities we serve
  • Securing funding for future projects to enhance the lives of people living with HIV, such as support to get and keep housing, interim shelter, mental health services, substance abuse treatment and preventive health care for the partners of clients

In the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the Bailey-Boushay community responded with resilience and compassion. Our hearts, minds and doors stayed open to those who needed us. It is also the story of our future, as we honor and support each person who entrusts us with their care.

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  • Brian Knowles
  • Executive Director
  • Bailey-Boushay House
  • Ernie Muñoz
  • Chair, Board of Directors
  • Bailey-Boushay House