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Amy S. Anstead, MD
4.7 out of 5
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Special Interests
Rhinology and endoscopic skull base surgery
Personal Information
Dr. Anstead enjoys running, swimming, scuba diving, traveling, reading and always learning.
Clinical Experience
Rhinology, Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, Otolaryngology, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery
Board Certifications
American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Education and Professional Achievements
University of Miami, 2004
General Surgery, University of Illinois, Chicago, 2005
Head and Neck Surgery, University of Illinois, Chicago Eye and Ear Infirmary, 2009
Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, University of Miami, 2010
Professional Activities and Awards
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine – Top Doctors 2016
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine – Top Doctors 2015
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine – Top Doctors 2014
Seattle Metropolitan Magazine – Top Doctors 2013

Member, Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
Fellow, American Rhinologic Society
Member, American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Member, American Medical Association.

Patient Ratings and Comments
Patient Ratings
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Would recommend provider
4.7 out of 5 stars
Provider's friendliness and courtesy
4.7 out of 5 stars
My confidence in provider
4.7 out of 5 stars
Provider spoke in clear language
4.5 out of 5 stars
Provider's effort to include me in decisions
4.7 out of 5 stars
Provider's explanation of condition or problem
4.7 out of 5 stars
Provider's concern for questions and worries
4.6 out of 5 stars
Time provider spent with me
4.5 out of 5 stars
Patient Comments
All comments are submitted by Virginia Mason patients and are verified by an independent, national patient survey company. Patient comments are displayed in their entirety and patients are de-identified to protect confidentiality and privacy. Learn about the comments.
March 2018
Dr. Anstead is the best. I have the upmost confidence in her as a physician and surgeon.
February 2018
Careful and caring!
January 2018
I have seen many doctors for my chronic sinus problems and Dr. Anstead and clinic staff are the BEST there is.
January 2018
Clearly Dr. Anstead is a very busy physician, but she is extremely efficient during the exam and makes sure I fully understand my condition and my healing process. She ALWAYS assures that ALL my questions are answered.
January 2018
Doctor seemed very pressed for time, juggling many items at the same time.
January 2018
Dr. Anstead is fantastic at her job and backed up by an excellent of assistant.
December 2017
I couldn´t have a better doctor than Dr. Anstead or Katie Barbie. I´ll be heading south to AZ for winter. She told me if my sinuses were to flair up to give her a call. I really appreciate her offer and she knows my sinus problems better than anyone.
December 2017
Amy Anstead was superb. so was Katie Barbee.
December 2017
They are always very concerned and helpful with any questions. They always explain things well.
November 2017
Sometimes not very patient with her explanations and often uses technical terminology that lay people would not understand.
October 2017
Amy is very good at what she does to help me with my care.
August 2017
This is my third go around in getting my nasal passages opened and addressing my sinus issues. Dr Anstead was clearly the best surgeon I have worked with. She not only fixed my issue but ensured that my postop went smooth. I have never felt this good. and I was back on my feet in no time.
August 2017
My husband and I really liked D.r Amy Anstead. She was thorough, an exceptional diagnostician, her level of care vary above standard, did a biopsy on the spot. She has faithfully taken the time to communicate with us, even while on vacations. Her patient come first!
July 2017
Dr Anstead is a rockstar! VM is fortunate to have a physician of her caliber on the medical staff. She earns the highest marks across the board from me.
July 2017
I feel that Dr. Anstead is an excellent surgeon, and her bedside manner is straightforward, although a bit blunt and sometimes scary. BUT...I would much prefer a good surgeon with a not so great bedside manner, than a mediocre surgeon with a great bedside manner, so I am very happy overall.
July 2017
So very competent.
June 2017
Dr. Anstead was excellent to work with. She gave me ample opportunity to ask questions & explained them in a way I could understand. My surgery & recovery went well due to her competence as a doctor/surgeon. I am so grateful to her that I have been relieved of my most troublesome symptoms!
May 2017
Dr. Anstead is smart, competent and caring. She listens and I have every confidence in her. I am so glad she is my doctor.
May 2017
Dr. Anstead carries himself well and appears strong and educated. She seems confident in performing my procedure.
April 2017
Dr. Anstead is an exceptional & caring doctor as well as Katie Barber.
April 2017
Things were fairly rushed. She was so kind schedule and I could feel that rush and was trying not to ask as many questions as I would have liked.
March 2017
Dr. Anstead and PA Katie Barbee are truly exceptional. This is my second surgery with them, and I have the utmost confidence in their abilities to provide a successful outcome for me.
March 2017
February 2017
I feel blessed to have been referred to Dr. Anstead. She is impressive but down to Earth when talking to me. She is the best.
February 2017
Dr. was very good but I felt hurried through the office, especially since she was recommending surgery - She asked for questions but how could I thank about all she said in a few minutes & come up with questions.
January 2017
Dr. Anstead was excellent; she was quite knowledgeable and answered all my questions in a way I could understand. She earned my confidence and respect.
January 2017
Dr. Anstead is a gem. She has my vote, and I do tell people how good she is.
January 2017
I have had a variety of care providers spanning sports injuries to sinusitis. Dr. Anstead is one of the best. This includes physicians in Pittsburgh, PA; Oakland, CA and Atlanta, GA. She is 5/5!
December 2016
I have recommend Dr. Anstead to everybody I know that have sinus concerns for themselves.
October 2016
Dr Anstead is amazing. I sincerely hope she doesn´t have to put up with any survey nonsense that many other people in other sectors of business do. She is a major asset for your hospital and with the degree of sinus problems I have and will continue to have as long as I walk this earth, I will go wherever she is providing she doesn´t leave Washington state. I hope you endeavor to keep he happy so that she remains at your facility a very long time.
September 2016
Dr. Anstead is an excellent surgeon.
September 2016
Dr. Anstead is smart, personable and makes me feel heard and understood.
July 2016
Very good treatment.
July 2016
Very good planning for future treatment.
May 2016
Dr. Anstead is one of the best professionals I´ve ever met and also good personal manner.
April 2016
EVERYONE in Dr. Anstead´s office has treated me w/friendly, kind, caring & respectful attention.
March 2016
Great doctor... outstanding, expert. She is very helpful and makes it easy to get prescription.
January 2016
The care I´m getting is awesome! Quick to respond if I have issues or concerns - still post surgery stuff.
January 2016
Dr. Anstead is the best!
January 2016
She is the most wonderful, caring dr. I have ever had -