Additional View Mammograms

Having a mammogram may lead to additional testing.

Most abnormalities found on screening mammograms are not cancer. About 10 percent of mammograms require additional testing.

The breast is a three-dimensional object, but current technology gives us only a two-dimensional view. Further testing may include compression or magnification views to look more closely at some areas. If your additional mammographic views are normal, the technologist will let you know. If you have more questions, please ask to speak directly to the radiologist.

Additional views may be requested by the radiologist to:

  • Look at an area from other angles or with more magnification
  • Evaluate a cyst
  • Evaluate calcifications (small pieces of calcium in the tissue)
  • Flatten out (compress) the tissue to smooth out any overlap

What may possibly happen at your additional view:

  • Compression and/or magnification can show that the area is normal.
  • Ultrasound may be added. If you have an ultrasound, the radiologist will inform you of the result and follow-up plan.
  • You may be asked to return for follow-up imaging in six months to make sure the area stays the same.
  • A biopsy may be recommended if imaging does not give a clear answer.

Appointments for annual mammograms can be made by calling (206) 625-7250. If you have a particular breast problem, call the Breast Clinic toll-free at (877) 433-9813.