About Testicular Cancer

Virginia Mason's cancer specialists provide expert diagnosis and treatment to patients with testicular cancer in the Seattle area, around the Pacific Northwest and across the United States.

Christopher Porter, MD, and patient
Christopher Porter, MD,
and patient.

Testicular cancer is a rare malignancy with approximately 8,500 new cases per year in the United States. The disease has many different presentations, and it is universally recognized that it is best treated in a Center of Excellence. Virginia Mason's testicular cancer team, in Seattle, sees the most new cases of testis cancer in Washington state, and we are driven to provide expert individualized care from nationally renowned experts in the field. The forms of therapy to treat testicular cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surveillance.

Our team meets weekly in a specialized multidisciplinary testicular cancer clinic with experts in pathology, radiology, surgery, chemotherapy and nursing. We believe the multidisciplinary approach achieves the highest standard of care and individualized treatment.

Our goal is to provide care that not only cures the patient, but also improves their quality of life after the cancer has been cured. To make sure this happens, we have specialists in fertility, endocrinology, and internal medicine to ensure our patients lead full and healthy lifestyles after treatment.

Learn more about Virginia Mason's Testicular Cancer Program by calling (206) 341-1420.

How You Can Help

The Shelby Webster Testicular Cancer Golf Tournament has combined forces with the Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Clinic to create the Below the Belt Golf Tournament to support research and education in the number one cancer in young men (testicular cancer) and the most commonly diagnosed cancer in adult men (prostate cancer). The Below the Belt Golf Tournament is an opportunity to support this vital research.