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Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Center

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   Virginia Mason has been accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program.
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Managing our weight can be a lifelong saga. Obesity is a serious health threat and people who weigh twice their normal weight have a decreased life span and increased incidences of other diseases. If you've struggled with extra pounds, we can help you see what underlying factors may be causing them and choose the steps to reach your ideal weight.

The Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence aims to provide the highest quality care and best outcomes for weight loss, including evaluation, surgery, and post-operative management.

Central to these efforts is the Bariatric Surgery team consisting of director, Jeff Hunter, MD, Lily Chang, MD, Ravi Moonka, MD, Richard Thirlby, MD, and Bariatric Program Manager, Connie Miller. The team works closely with the Nutrition Center of Excellence to manage the serious health threat of obesity. 

The Bariatric Center of Excellence offers multiple options of bariatric surgery in Seattle and Federal Way and has received a five-star rating by HealthGrades. You can reach the bariatric surgery team by calling (206) 341-1997 or toll-free at (800) 354-9527, ext. 11997.


About Weight Loss Surgery

Virginia Mason offers multiple options for weight loss surgery in Seattle and Federal Way, including minimally-invasive procedures.

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