Volunteer Services

Phone Numbers:
Mainline: (206) 583-6507
Fax: (206) 583-6003
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Virginia Mason volunteer. Making the right match is important to us. We take into account your unique attributes, experiences and interests. We look forward to getting to know you!

Learn About Volunteer Roles

General Volunteer
Student, professional, or a community member who wants to help
divider line graphic Patient-Family Partner Volunteer
Patient or a family member of a patient at Virginia Mason

Animal-Assisted Therapy — Owner of a certified therapy dog who would like to round with patients and families in hospital common areas and in patient rooms.

Benaroya Research Institute — An international leader in immune system and autoimmune disease research translating discoveries to real life applications. Volunteers assist with various clerical projects.

Concierge Cart — Connect with patients while bringing items and services to the patient’s bedside via a mobile cart.

Clerical — Opportunities include making patient education binders, helping out with mailing announcements, filing and organizing documents, data entry and other tasks.

Gift Shop — Provide customer assistance to patients, families and staff; operate a cash register and stock supplies.

Patient-Family Liaison Emergency Room — Nurture, support and serve ER patients or family through wayfinding, assisting in the Family Resource Center or visiting patient-family members through rounding.

Patient-Family Liaison Infusion Center — Nurture, support and serve patients or family at our Outpatient Infusion Center through wayfinding, assisting in the Family Resource Centers or visiting patient-family members through rounding.

Patient Care Volunteer — Supplement the quality of patient care by helping nursing staff by extending warmth, friendliness and compassion to patients.

Therapeutic Music — Provide a warm, comforting, friendly, and calm atmosphere by playing instrumental music for patients and families in hospital common areas and in patient rooms.






Forms You Need to Complete

Note: Patient Family Partner volunteers in a clinical setting will also have to complete these forms.

From Home:

Interview or Questionnaires — Participate in a one-time interview or fill out a questionnaire about your health care experience.

On-line Reviewer of Materials — Review patient/family educational and/or marketing communication materials for readability, simplicity and understandability. Emails come intermittently.

Listening Sessions — Open to all to collaborate and share experiences in on-line or in-person sessions so that you can hear about what others in our volunteer community are doing. Held once a month on the third Thursday of each month.

At Virginia Mason:

Hospital or Clinic Volunteer: Nurture, support and serve through a variety of roles including: meet, greet and escort families throughout the Medical Center or Clinic sites, visiting patients and family members on Units, or work in the Gift Shop.

Process Improvement Workshop — This is a hands-on team to improve an organizational issue. Volunteers work directly with staff members, representing the patient-family perspective. Time commitment ranges from one to five days.

Focus Group or Panel Member — Individuals would participate in a one-time meeting providing feedback or suggesting solutions on a particular topic.

Patient Education Reviewer — Review patient-family informational materials for readability, simplicity and understandability.

Family Faculty — Individuals provide presentations through stories about their lives, both inside and outside the hospital. They share strategies for collaboration and teach partnership practices through real life experiences from a patient and family perspective.

Peer Partner — Currently, peer partner programs are serving in the Orthopedic and Laryngectomy departments; peer partners provide Virginia Mason patients with a connection to another person who has undergone a similar care experience.

Committee Member — Come share your patient or family perspectives on a variety of committees or guiding teams that plan services throughout Virginia Mason. Examples are: safety, quality, or guiding teams planning Kaizen improvement work within a specialty area.


Immunization Requirements

The hospital is a vulnerable environment. We want to protect you, our patients and family members from germs. In the process of becoming a volunteer, you will visit the Employee Health nurse to review your immunizations. The following will help you obtain your immunization history documentation.

What Comes Next?

Volunteer Process: Interview, Orientation, then Service, Assignment and Placement

When your Patient-Family Partner application is received, you will be invited to an orientation session. We look forward to meeting you then, thank you for your interest.