Total Ankle Replacement

Virginia Mason’s world-class Orthopedic Surgery Department now offers total ankle replacement. If you’ve been living with ankle arthritis and chronic pain not alleviated by medication, total ankle replacement may be for you. Performed by our specially trained foot and ankle surgeons, total ankle replacement can provide a reduction in or complete relief of pain along with an increased range of motion.

Many patients return to a lifestyle they haven’t enjoyed for years. With a total ankle replacement, you may find you want to travel again, play softball with your grandkids or go shopping with friends. You’ll be able to try new and fun activities, like ballroom dancing, without the worry of debilitating pain.

More information about total ankle replacement is below, but please don’t hesitate to call us any time at (206) 341-3000 with any questions you may have.

What is Total Ankle Replacement?

During a total ankle replacement, the surgeon makes an incision in the front of the ankle and removes damaged bone and joint cartilage. The remaining bone is then reshaped for the attachment of the new metal joint and polyethylene spacer.

Usually, a total ankle replacement is completed without the need for an overnight hospital stay. Most patients return home the same day to begin recovery. It may, however, take a few months before patients can start walking unassisted and physical therapy may be prescribed to help with the healing process.

Highly Skilled Team Provides Comprehensive Care

No matter who you are or what your medical history is, our board-certified foot and ankle surgeons have the training and experience to anticipate and respond to each patient’s unique needs. Patient care is enhanced by other specially trained team members ready to make every patient’s experience at Virginia Mason an excellent one. If a patient is not a candidate for total ankle replacement, Virginia Mason offers a comprehensive approach to ankle arthritis, including minimally-invasive ankle arthroscopy, cartilage restoration techniques and other end-stage arthritis procedures.

Can We Help You?

To find out more about total ankle replacement surgery at Virginia Mason, call us at (206) 341-3000. It could be the first step in putting pain behind you and returning to an active life.