Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid removal is appropriate for nodules in the thyroid that have the chance of being cancer, a large thyroid goiter that causes a choking sensation in the neck or when the thyroid produces excess hormone (hyperthyroidism) that is not responding to medical treatment. Because of the expertise and experience of our surgeons, the recognized complications of this operation – namely bleeding, infection, dysfunction of the parathyroid glands or injury near the vocal cords – are rarely seen. Most thyroid operations at Virginia Mason are done on an outpatient basis or involve a one-night hospital stay.

The treatment of thyroid cancer is interdisciplinary among the radiologists, endocrinologists, surgeons and oncologists. All cases of thyroid cancer are presented to Virginia Mason’s interdisciplinary conference team who collectively decide how to provide the best outcome for each patient.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our general surgeons, call Faye Lee, RN, at (206) 341-1595.