Survivorship Care Plan

Photo: Survivorship Care Plan NotebookSurvivorship Care Plan
An integral part of the consultation is your individualized Survivorship Care Plan. The Survivorship Care Plan may include the following:

  • A cancer treatment summary which includes information on the specific nature of your cancer history, details of the treatments you received, beginning and ending treatment dates, cumulative doses of chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal and other therapies, relevant radiology exams and procedures, and contact information for your key treatment providers.

  • General recommended guidelines for your cancer surveillance including screenings, tests, and examinations.

  • Recommended schedule of general cancer screenings you should have for effective monitoring of your health.

  • Potential long-term and late effects  resulting from your treatment and their signs and symptoms.

  • Tailored wellness and health-promoting strategies and healthy lifestyle practices.

  • Cancer related support services and survivorship resources.

  • Referral to specialized services based on individual needs such as genetic risk assessment and testing, oncology social work, psychology and psychiatry services, exercise, fitness and nutrition counseling, and pain management providers.

  • Copies of the National Cancer Institute's notebook Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment, Cure Magazine , and other relevant survivorship information.

  • Coordination of care with a primary care provider to maximize your overall health and well-being.

  • Communication with your primary care provider and other health-care providers.