Hearing Aid Evaluations, Fittings and Follow-up

Hearing aid evaluation
Before obtaining hearing aids from one of the Virginia Mason hearing aid dispensaries, each patient receives a complete hearing evaluation administered by an audiologist from The Listen for Life Center at Virginia Mason®. As a Listen For Life Center patient, you can schedule a one-on-one hearing aid evaluation with an audiologist, or participate in our hearing aid evaluation group seminar. During the hearing aid evaluation, an audiologist discusses communication problems a patient is experiencing, styles of hearing aids available, and technology options that may be appropriate for that patient and their hearing loss. Extreme care is taken to understand each patient's needs, before making recommendations for a specific type of amplification system.

    • If you need to order hearing aid batteries, call us at (206) 223-8802.

At The Listen For Life Center we have access to many hearing aid manufacturing companies:

Hearing aid fitting
When a patient receives new hearing aids, an audiologist adjusts the devices and gives instruction on how to use and take care of them. By Washington state law there is a 30-day trial period to wear the device(s). Devices may be returned for a full refund during the 30-day trial period.

Hearing aid follow-up
To be sure the hearing aids work properly, re-check appointments are scheduled, as necessary, giving patients an opportunity to have adjustments or modifications made.

Our emphasis is on understanding each person's unique needs and fitting him/her with the hearing aid system that will serve best.

Hearing aid dispensaries are located at three clinics in the Puget Sound area: Virginia Mason Hospital & Seattle Medical CenterVirginia Mason Federal Way Medical Center, and Virginia Mason Issaquah Medical Center.

Hearing aid payment
If you have an insurance benefit for hearing aids, your insurance will be billed directly. Virginia Mason will send you a bill for the balance after insurance payment is received. If you have insurance questions after receiving your bill, or would like to set up payment plans on the balance, you may call (206) 223-6601.

If you need assistance in determining whether your insurance covers hearing aids, please call (206) 223-8802. Your insurance will not be billed automatically unless you have confirmed that hearing aids are a covered benefit. This is to help keep our hearing aid prices as low as possible by reducing billing costs. Both Medicare and Medicare supplements do not cover hearing aid costs.

If you do not have an insurance benefit for hearing aids, a minimum payment of 50 percent is required at the time your hearing aids are dispensed. Payment arrangements on the remainder of the balance may be made by calling (206) 223-6601. Following the receipt of your bill, you may pay the remainder of the balance online at VirginiaMason.org/billing.

More Information
The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders offers comprehensive information on hearing aids.