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Fellows will take part in a mandatory clinical and translational research requirement. Virginia Mason's robust academic environment gives a breadth of opportunities in research. The Digestive Disease Institute, Floyd and Delores Jones Cancer Institute and Benaroya Research Institute provide an outstanding resource for our fellows.

Recent Publications

Original Articles and Book Chapters

1. Damle, S. Symptomatic Walled-off Pancreatic Necrosis--Is there a Role for the Surgeon? Long oral presentation at the 2013 Americas Hepatopancreatobiliary Association Annual Meeting. Miami Beach, FL. March 7, 2012.

2. Damle S., Helton WS. Making Hepatic Trisectionectomies in Cholangiocarcinoma Safer by Retaining Sub-Segment 4A. Poster presentation at the 2013 Americas Hepatopancreatobiliary Association annual meeting in Miami, FL.

3. Helton WS, Koehler R, Fotoohi M, Alseidi A, Rocha F, Biehl T. Transthoracic transdiaphragmatic videoscopic-assisted microwave ablation (MWA) of small HCC in segment VII. Americas Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Foundation Annual Congress. Miami Beach, FL. March 7, 2012.

4. Bellows C, Fitzgibbons R, Martindale R, Shadduck P, Collins J, Bochicchio G, Awad S, Helton S, Kaml G, Jain A, Smiell J, Rutan R. Prospective Randomized, Multicenter Study of Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix in the Repair of Inguinal Hernias (RING): Month 12 Update. Presented at the 5th International Hernia Congress. New York, NY. March 28, 2012.

5. J. B. Rose, F. Rocha, A. Alseidi, T. Biehl, R. Moonka, J. Ryan, B. Lin, V. Picozzi, W S. Helton. Extended Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for borderline resectable pancreatic cancer demonstrates promising postoperative outcomes and survival. AHPBA, Feb 22, 2013. Miami, FL.

6. S. Damle, A. Alseidi, T. R. Biehl, W. S. Helton, R. Moonka, E. J. Raker, D. Neuzil, D. S. Pierce, F. G. Rocha. Management of Celiac Artery Stenosis in Pancreaticoduodenectomy. AHPBA, Feb 22, 2013. Miami, FL.

7. John B Rose III, Camilo Correa-Gallego, James Nelson, Adnan Alseidi, W. Scott Helton, Peter J Allen, Michael D'Angelica, Ronald P. DeMatteo, Yuman Fong, T. Peter Kingham, Kris Kowdley, William R. Jarnagin, Flavio G. Rocha. Role of biliary CEACAM6 as a biomarker for cholangiocarcinoma. ASCO 2013.

8. Damle S, Helton WS. Enucleation of IPMN of pancreatic head. Presented at Seattle Surgical Society Annual Meeting, January 11, 2013.

9. John B. Rose III, Flavio G. Rocha, Bruce S. Lin, Adnan Alseidi, Thomas Biehl, Ravi Moonka, John A. Ryan, L William Traverso, Scott Helton, Vincent J. Picozzi. Extended neoadjuvant chemotherapy (CT) in borderline resectable pancreas cancer (BRPC). Presented ASCO, 2013.

10. Smith, R., Seabott, H., Alseidi, A., The Working Interview Approach: Interviewing Applicants for General Surgery Residency. Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers.  Tucson, AZ; March 2012.

11. Lindeman, B., Lidor, A., Alseidi, A., et al, Medical Student Sub-Internships in Surgery: Characterization and Needs Assessment. American Program Directors of Surgery & Association of Surgical Education Joint Annual Meeting. March 2012. San Diego, CA.

12. Copeland, H., Alseidi, A., et al.: When Assessing The 3rd Year General Surgery Clerkship Trauma. Rotation: Are We Meeting The Learners’ Needs? 7th Academic Surgical Congress. Feb 2012. Las  Vegas, NV.

13. Gerald, S., Alseidi, A., et al: Management of locally aggressive foregut tumors in the setting of sinistral portal hypertension; The role of the RAMPS procedure. Seattle Surgical Society Annual meeting, Westin Hotel, Seattle, Jan 2012.

14. Bilderback PA, Helton WS. Practice Patterns for Bowel Obstruction by Washington State American College of Surgeons Members. Submitted, American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. October 2013.

Book Chapters

15. WS Helton. Pancreatic Head Resection and Pancreaticojejunostomy for Chronic Pancreatitis. ACS Multimedia Atlas of Surgery. Pancreas Surgery Volume. Editors: Pascal, Fuchshuber & Horacio Aspun. Pg 119, 2012.

16. Bilderback PA, Smith RK, Helton WS. Intestinal Obstruction.  In: Scientific American Surgery. Scientific American Medicine, American College of Surgeons.  2012.

17. Rose JB, Helton WS. Abdominal Ultrasound for Surgeons. Editors: Ellen J. Hagopian and Junji Machi. New York: Springer Science and Business Media. (In Press, 2013).

18. Alseidi A. et al, Management of bile duct injuries, in Common Problems in Acute Care Surgery. Laura J., Turner, Krista L., and Todd, S. Rob, Editors. 2013, Springer-Verlag New York Inc.

Peer-reviewed Publications

19. Rocha FG, Helton WS. Resectability of colorectal liver metastases: an evolving definition. HPB (Oxford). 2012 May; 14(5):283-4. Epub. March 2012.

20. Bellows CF, Smith A, Malsbury J, Helton WS. Repair of incisional hernias with biological prosthesis: a systematic review of current evidence. In Press, The American J. Surgery. 2012

21. Betancourt-Ramirez A., Alkhoury F, McLaughlin CM,  WS Helton.  EnSeal™ vs. Conventional Ferguson Hemorrhoidectomy: Cost and Clinical Outcomes. Submitted, Diseases of Colon Rectum, 2013.

22. Lindeman BM, Lipsett PA, Alseidi A, Lidor AO. Medical student Sub-internships in Surgery: characterization and needs assessment. Am J Surg. 2013 Feb; 205 (2):175-81.

23. Seabott, H., Smith, R., Alseidi A. et al, The Surgical Residency Interview: A Candidate-Centered, Working Approach" Journal of Surgical Education.  November/December 2012   issue, volume 69(6).

24. Rowland, P., Alseidi A. et al., The Certifying Examination of the American Board of Surgery: The Effect of Improving Communication & Professional Competency: Twenty-Year Results. The Journal of Surgical Education. 2012 Jan-Feb;69(1):118-25.

25. Chapman, W. and A. Alseidi, Liver, in Essentials of General Surgery, R. Bell, Lawrence, and M. Dayton, Editors. 2012, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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