Information regarding accepted Champus/ChampVA insurance plans.

Insurance Definitions

Champus/ChampVA Plan Names

Can I choose or visit a Virginia Mason primary care provider (PCP) under this insurance plan?

If I need to see a specialist or have a specialty service, does this insurance plan require pre-approved referral authorization?

(Applicable to Urgent Care Locations as Well)

General Comments

* Please review comments if an asterisk is present.

*Federal Program


* No
No insurance approved referral required – please see comments.

  • Will accept community provider referrals for medically appropriate specialty care (if it is believed patient would be more appropriately served for their specific medical need elsewhere Virginia Mason will not accept the requested referral or transfer).
  • Virginia Mason is unavailable for primary care services.
  • Virginia Mason is unavailable for patient self-referrals.
  • CHAMPVA is an open plan that does not require members to use specific providers – as this is the case we will be looking for a provider to provider referral.
  • When scheduling an appointment patients will need to provide the name of the referring provider and contact information.

Contact your health insurance plan for information on covered services before your appointment.