Survivorship Clinic

Photo: HikersIs the Survivorship Clinic right for me?   
The Survivorship Clinic is a consultation service ideally suited for individuals who have finished treatment and want to take positive action in their future health.  It is available to any patient who has received care at Virginia Mason locations throughout the region.  The clinic is now open to individuals and their families dealing with many types of cancer. See the cancer types currently supported  by the Cancer Survivorship Clinic or call to make an appointment today.

What to expect at your clinic visit
Prior to your clinic visit, a registered nurse who specializes in oncology and survivorship issues, will review your past cancer diagnosis and treatment history and collaborate with your cancer team to design an individualized plan.  You will be provided with a survivorship binder containing important educational material tailored to your specific needs, as well as a Survivorship Care Plan. To ensure that all cancer survivors receive the most comprehensive care, copies of the Survivorship Care Plan are also provided to your oncologist or cancer specialist and primary care physician.

A visit with your survivorship provider consists of a one-time consultation that lasts approximately 45 minutes to one hour.  The visit to our clinic is part of your comprehensive cancer care and is of no charge to you or your insurance company.  Make an appointment today.