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Annual MS Well Care Visit

Why Invest the Time in a Well Care Visit

By participating in a yearly well care visit with your multiple sclerosis (MS) care team, we are able to capture a baseline for your mental and motor skill capabilities. We ask that you participate in a well care visit annually to monitor your ability to function as your disease progresses.

What to Expect at the Well Care Visit

  • Your MS well care visit will last approximately 45 minutes. During your visit you will be spending time with the medical assistant, nurse and your neurologist. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time as there will be paperwork to complete prior to the start of your visit.
  • First, you will go through a series of tests with the medical assistant. Because these are cognitive tests, please arrive to your visit well rested and notify the assistant if you have taken a sedative such as valium. The tests include:
    • A 25-foot timed walk (cane or walker is allowed)
    • A nine-hole peg test to evaluate hand coordination. This test will evaluate both hands twice.
    • A cognitive test – the Symbol Digit Modality Test – which involves quickly matching symbols and numbers.
  • Your neurologist will finalize your visit. During your time with the neurologist, they will review any imaging, review areas of concern and review the testing from the beginning of the visit.

Please remember to bring a list of questions you may have or specific issues you would like to discuss with your neurologist. By doing this, you are helping us to better answer ALL of your questions.

Finally, when you call our office, (206) 341-0420, to schedule your annual follow-up appointment, please ask specifically for the well care visit.